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‘Man shall seek the truth, and live upon it’ – this is what I used to believe was the meaning of life. But I did not know what the truth was.

I used to be a very strong agnostic/ atheist - I hated the fact that people worshipped deities and begged them for their needs, but also found it impossible to prove that God doesn't exist. It was through my best friend Harry reading the Bible with me that God first spoke to me and called me by my name. He took me into the gospels and unveiled this wonderful God to me, at whom I was totally amazed. We read the Bible together almost every week and after a few months I happily decided to follow Him.

Jesus says "I am the way and the truth and the life”. He has come to find us, so that He can be alive in us, and we can find life in Him. This is Jesus Christ my Lord, who is God, and has been with God from the beginning. He is love, and though all things will pass away, His love never fails. Jesus came not to condemn me, but to save me through Him. When I realised that I had fallen short even of my own standards, let alone heaven's, I found myself wanting to hide from God. But He, from whom I hid, found me and embraced me, and told me I didn’t need to be afraid - even of something as scary as writing this blog!

I will never know how much He hurt when I hid from Him, and how much He rejoiced when I was finally found. I had never felt so loved and thankful, than when I first knew that Jesus my Lord and my God had suffered and died so that I could be forgiven, and resurrected so that I could have a relationship with Him eternally. He called me by my name, and I followed Him. He taught me how to love. When let down by others I would not be overwhelmed loss and anger, but instead know the comfort God and display the forgiveness He has first shown me. I would never again want to ignore the needs of others, and would instead feel an urge to reach out a helping hand. Loving my neighbours as myself is not easy, but when I do it I feel great joy and cannot help but thank Jesus who teaches me to live this way. Even in the darkest of valleys, even in times of grief, distress, and depression, I do not need to be afraid, for my Lord is still with me and nothing can ever separate us.

Christ Jesus gives meaning to my life like nothing else – and through investigating Him through the Bible I have been given every confidence that He is real and alive. Jesus alone is enough to bring me satisfaction, He promises to give me everything I could ever need and more. This shall be the truth for which I live, and with Him I live my life to the full. "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." (John 10:10)


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