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I think I spend a lot of my life being joyful, even when it's maybe kind of obnoxious and it seems like I have no reason to be. But there is so much joy to be had in unchanging truths.

These truths are the unwavering love that Jesus has for me and his absolute promise that he is moving and working things together for my good. That doesn't mean things are fab all the time, the world is broken and there are still really rubbish parts. But it does mean that the God who made the universe has experienced, knows, and loves me in the brokenness, and has promised to make all things new. He promises to wipe every tear and heal every hurt. He has overcome the world of sin and shame and loves us where we are.

That right there, is good news, the best news we'll ever hear. We have so many more reasons to sing than to fear. So many reasons to take joy.

// Events week - Jan 28 - Feb 1 | 2019 //


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