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// Real Stories // Zoë //

I always thought that because I was brought up going to church with my parents I was a ‘normal’ Christian, that there was nothing particularly special about my faith. But the truth is Jesus met me personally where I was at, I discovered that Jesus is real to me and he transformed my life. He changed my view of going to church, from being a place where I felt apathetic and went just to see my friends to being a place where I looked forward to going to worship Him and learn more about Him. Since that point of my heart transformation, I have tried to live my life glorifying His name, trusting in Him even when the going gets tough and I know for sure that there is no such thing as a ‘normal’ Christian and Jesus is as real today as he was when he walked on the earth 2000 years ago.

// Events week - Jan 28 - Feb 1 | 2019 //


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