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God’s love for us is amazing. He loves us so much that he allowed his only son to die, so that in him we may have eternal life. The bible says that God stands at the door to our hearts and knocks, longing to be invited in. He wants to be in a relationship with us. How crazy is that?! The one who hung the stars, made the earth and everything in it, still cares so deeply for me and you! And He wants to be a part of our lives!

I’ve been through times where God doesn’t seem to be close. He doesn’t seem to be a loving gracious God. But it’s at those points where He is passionately pursuing us. Searching for us when we get lost. Even when we go our own way, and forget all about him, He still love us. For me it was in those times, where God’s love was so real. I definitely didn’t deserve it, but the fact that he still wanted to know me, and didn’t care about my mess, was so real to me. His love transformed me and showed me how good He truly is.

He will always love us, no matter what we do. We can’t stop it or earn it, God is always loving us, because GOD IS LOVE! And from that love flows joy, peace, kindness, faith, goodness and everything else that God gives. God stands at the door to your heart, are you going to let him in?

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