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// Real Stories // Umas //

My name is Umas and I am a Christian. Though I’ve been through so many adversities, such as self-doubt, the loss of my father, and financial issues, I am still having peace in my heart. What is real to me in Christian faith is the peace from God. It keeps me persevering in hardship and strengthens my mind. I wrote a poem to better describe how real I feel:


Thought I was far from grace For those battles I had to fight alone Tried hard to hide my face Filled with regrets and no solace

Sailing through thousand storms Wishing to reach the shore But the waves were too strong Ship about to wreck and ready to drown

But His hands reaching out to me Filled me with warm embrace In Him, I’ve found strength and peace Turning troubled waters into a quiet place

// Events week - Jan 28 - Feb 1 | 2019 //


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