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STORY 2020


I was brought up a Christian, but my faith has felt genuine for as long as I can remember. I have lived my life aiming to be as much like Jesus as I can because, yes, we are told to (1 John 2:6), but also because his teachings and legacy are life-giving to all.

But don’t get me wrong, life is by no means perfect. My faith doesn’t mean that I see the world through some rose-tinted glasses. Jesus knows the reality of the troubles we face, to me evidenced by the fact that he healed the sick, fought for justice, prayed and wept.

What my faith does mean is that I have found something which I can only describe as an inner, fundamental strength that goes beyond a simple hardy mindset. It means that, when I struggled with self-esteem and eating properly at the age of 13, I was able to get free from it a couple years later, narrowly avoiding a disorder. I was honest and prayed with my parents who believe and model the unconditional love that God shows us. I dwelled on set Bible verses every day that helped me trust that my body image and my weight were not worth obsessing over. 1 Corinthians 6:19 reminds me that my body is not my own, so I should take care of it for God by being as healthy as I can. In this way, I can be physically able to love others, displaying patience and kindness, as Jesus did.

Eventually my cyclically negative thoughts ceased, and I was able to think more logically about myself and what I can do – about the choices I can make with the time that I have.

Jesus was a documented individual here on Earth two thousand years ago. His words were either the ramblings of a mad man, or they are true. I choose to believe he was not a lunatic because of the peace I feel when I give all I am to him. Because of the dark places I, and others I know, have been pulled from, because of the meaning he gives to our lives, and the joy I feel knowing there is more to look forward to beyond it.


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