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Jesus is not just a Dead man

Jesus is not a dead man - Harry King

Although I would say I was a Christian from a young age, life and my personal walk with God has not always been plain sailing. I’ve often turned away from God’s perfect plan for my life and hurt myself in the process. During tough times I’ve also questioned if God is really with me or whether he exists at all. However, I’ve found that the Bible’s claim that Jesus is God and rose again continued to prove to be true despite all my questions.

In our ‘post-modern’ world, the fact that there are tens of thousands of ancient manuscripts of portions of the New Testament (which contains eye-witness accounts of Jesus’s life) is so exciting. Compare that to the number of ancient texts left by the philosopher Plato (less than 10), whose theories are still studied today, and the authority of the Bible seems staggering! God’s hand in my life has also shown me that he isn’t dead and that he cares for me personally, for example he sometimes points me towards passages of the Bible that really speak into the situations I’m in. Although I still find the busyness and difficulties of life a challenge, I find peace knowing that God has shown his great love to me through giving his Son to suffer in my place on the cross around two thousand years ago and that, by his awesome power, Jesus beat death – rising from the dead – so that I can one day too.



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