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Jesus is not just a role model


I can try my best to love my enemies, social outcasts and people who have performed terrible crimes, but I’ll never be able to love like Jesus did. The greatest role model of all time, but what other role model healed the incurable, calmed storms and raised people from the dead before rising from the dead himself? Better still, he offers us a personal relationship with him, freedom from our wrongdoings and eternal life in heaven.

When preparing for my year abroad, I was so anxious I could hardly eat. One month before I was due to leave and I hadn’t found a house willing to take me, I knew no one within a 500-mile radius and had never been to the USA before. I’d been trying to do it all on my own, even though I knew I had God to help.

He met me in that stressful time and reminded me that he would do the worrying for me and would be there with me. A huge weight was immediately lifted off my shoulders meaning I was able to enjoy my last few weeks at home and didn’t feel the need to rush into signing for a house that wasn’t suitable.


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