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Jesus is not just a swear word - Abbie Osmond

There is so much power in the name of Jesus.

You wouldn't necessarily think it, as its a word that is thrown around as derogatory slang and a way to express frustration, but the name of Jesus holds so much more than that. This name that we flippantly throw around has the potential to change lives. If you aren't familiar with who Jesus actually is, I can understand why He seems insignificant to you. His name is a name our society has become desensitised to and even used as a swear word and a form of mockery. But His name is something so much greater than that. About 2000 years ago, Jesus himself died on the cross to take away all our messiness forever and carry the burdens that we were supposed to carry. This was the ultimate act of love and sacrifice, one that is hard to fathom. But even better than that, he rose again from the grave 3 days later, defeating death and destroying the power that sin holds. This isn't history. What Jesus did holds power today and His legacy and His name are alive and well. His name holds life and an invitation to know Jesus personally is open to you... Even as you read this!

His name holds the power to break addictions, lift depression, heal diseases, mend broken hearts and see the transformation of peoples lives. Jesus is the real deal. I've had the pleasure of seeing this stuff with my own eyes and I am mesmerised and captivated by who Jesus is and that even the whisper of his name holds power to change everything. This all might seem a bit strange. It's just a name, right? Jesus was just an ordinary man, right? But what if all this were true?

... What have you got to lose?



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