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We'd love you to get stuck in with what we're doing! Check out facebook for more info:


Frequent events


Every week we meet together to hear from God’s Word, to pray and to praise Him for who He is and what He is doing on campus and in the world. The format of the evening may vary per week, from local church leaders or other speakers giving a talk to seminar evenings focused on applying God’s Word practically in our university lives.

We hope central is a place where you feel welcome and make solid friendships! We usually head to the pub afterwards which is a great way to continue chatting.



The ECU exists to do the work of God, and He promises us His strength and power to do His work. So how could we expect to do His work without bringing everything we need before Him? 

This is why we meet every week to give thanks to God for all He has done, and to pray for the ECU together. Prayer meetings are every Monday at 8.30am on Streatham Campus or every Wednesday at 1:00pm on St Lukes Campus​.​​ For more information check the Facebook page or contact our prayer secretary Tom Allabarton.


Hall groups are communities of first years that meet together each week to look at God's word, pray, encourage one another and work to share what we believe with those living around us. They are led by second years and are a great and easy way to meet other Christians and make friends, whilst encouraging and equipping one another to be faithful ambassadors for Christ during the unique opportunity of living in halls! Anyone is welcome and we'd love you to get involved - our freshers page has more info.



For international students! 

Globe Café on Mondays is a chance to make some new friends, enjoy games and free food, and learn about British culture - previous nights have included Burns night, Christmas, Bonfire night and British baking!

Fore more information, contact our international sec Ashling Hickey, or join the facebook group!



The Search is a chance for people to learn more about Christianity, hear the Gospel, and ask any questions they have.

Every week there will be guided discussion, time for questions, and snacks! It's an easy invite for friends who are interested or want to find out more about Jesus.

Contact Ed Wilkinson or Hannah Peach for more info or if you want to help out!



The Big Question is a great chance to listen to a short talk about Christianity over a free lunch with a Q&A afterwards. We cover big questions such as: "How could a loving God allow so much suffering?" and "Why do good people need Christianity?" 

TBQ's are usually held every other week during term time (check which campus) so keep a look out on our Facebook page and invite friends! If you want to get involved, contact Chris Kerridge or Georgia McBurnie.

Annual events


Check out our blog for testimonies:

Every year in second term we host a huge week of events, centred around a theme such as 'STORY' or 'REAL?'. It's a really exciting week where we all rally together as a mission team to spread the Gospel on campus! The week usually involves short lunchtime talks with a free lunch, and evening events with talks and entertainment, as well as prayer meetings and an ECU cafe. Last year we had a marquee for the first time which was an incredible blessing! 

It's a great chance to get super involved in serving, and there are so many opportunities to invite your friends to hear the best news ever, and to chat through any questions that they have. 


Houseparty is our annual weekend away in October time! 

We head off to deepest darkest Dartmoor for a few days of talks, seminars, worship, and generally hanging out together and taking a break from uni to fix our eyes on Jesus.


Highlights include: wandering around windy Dartmoor, bonfire chats, late night worship, wide games, and loads of time spent in God's word.


Our carol service is one of the biggest events in the year! As a CU we host ​a huge carol service for the whole of Exeter; we invite someone to come and speak, and invite a variety of groups to perform. 

It's a really easy invite for friends - who doesn't love belting out carols with thousands of others, and enjoying a free mince pie? 

If you're keen to get involved in helping to organise the event, contact our outreach secretary Allie Stanford!


We usually have a couple of events in summer; as exams are finished it's a great chance to invite friends! 

Previous events have included: 

- A mini events week, with lunchtime talks.

- A summer barn party with hog roast!

Additionally, we usually have a social or two - we are so blessed to have Exmouth beach so close! 

We're also linked to some other organisations:


Just Love Exeter are a community of Christian students who long to expand the Kingdom of God by equipping themselves and others to fight for justice, and are super excited to serve generously! They host several events across each term including a weekly homeless breakfast, fundraisers for local charities, and dinners that equip and educate us around the Biblical call for justice. We love what they're doing and it would be great to see you at some of their events! Find their facebook page here


Christians in Sport is a group for Christian sports players who aspire to reach the world of sport for Christ here at Exeter uni. They meet each week to pray for teammates, read the Bible and explore how their passion for sport and faith in Jesus can go together. Through the year they put on evangelistic events where sports people can hear the good news of Jesus. If you're keen to get involved, contact Jack or Tally.

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