Welcome to Exeter! 


¡Hola! سلام عليكم! Bonjour! 你好! Hi! Привет! Olá! नमस्ते!​

A big welcome to you if you are an international student joining us in Exeter! We hope that you settle in well and enjoy your time here. As a CU we love to connect with international students, so would love to get to know you at some of our international events!



On Mondays we host Globe Café, where we introduce different aspects of British culture each week;  Bonfire Night, Christmas, British Baking and Burns Night to name a few. Look forward to a laid-back atmosphere to form friendships, catch up and make sure that everyone is getting on OK.

Belmont Chapel, 7:30 - 9:30pm.


On Wednesdays, we host Globe Bible study. It's a great chance to look at God's word, discuss questions surrounding faith and learning more about Jesus. It's a nice relaxed atmosphere where you can ask any questions you have! ​ 

Belmont Chapel, 7:30pm.


 Every year we put on an international events week in term 1, or an international stream during our term 2 events week. It's a great chance to learn more about Jesus, invite international friends, and ask any questions! 

Usually a speaker comes in and does a series of talks on a theme, for example, 'Belonging'.

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