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The most real thing to me is Jesus. I know that may sound like the classic answer, especially coming from a Christian, but it’s the truth.

When reading the Gospels, Jesus sticks out so clearly. Everything about him and his life here on Earth is vividly real. The way he served and loved people so humbly and selflessly marks him out from everyone else. Being nailed to a cross despite living an innocent and perfect life, simply to save us from our guilt and imperfections, is as raw as it gets. And to come back to life three days later, leaving behind a tomb that was doubtlessly empty, reinforced what he taught and displayed throughout his life: that he is God, and that he loves us.

The most amazing thing is that I experience his love every single day. The fact that I can have a real, authentic, intimate relationship with God himself is wondrous, exciting, and ultimately life-changing.

A couple of years ago I suffered from a condition called Rhabdomyolysis, which can very easily be life-threatening. It was one of the most challenging times I can remember, and life was pretty frightening and painful at the time. Yet in the midst of all the hospital appointments and the fear, I can honestly say that Jesus carried me through it; I definitely didn’t have it in me to carry myself. He filled me with peace, and gave me hope to cling to when I was hopeless. During that time, he was more real to me than ever before.

It is the realness of Jesus that defines everything for and about me.

// Events week - Jan 28 - Feb 1 | 2019 //


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