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Jesus is not just a Prophet -Ruslan Ricci

The late CS Lewis once gave us the famous trilemma that to argue that Jesus wasn’t God was to argue that Jesus is either deluded or the devil. However our Muslim brothers and sisters in humanity would add a 4th option that Jesus was a mighty prophet sent by God nothing more nothing less.

Growing up in a nominally mixed Christian and Muslim household, the person of Jesus had always intrigued me. I studied the Quranic and biblical depiction of Jesus from a young age. I applied the historical method and then tried to logically decipher just who Jesus was. From my studies I came to the conclusion that Jesus claimed to be the divine Son of a God set apart from the ancient Israelite prophets, someone who claimed to have divine judgement, someone who claimed to have met Moses in the Burning bush, someone who promised to resurrect everyone on the day of Judgement, someone who claimed to be co-equal with the Father and is worthy of the same honour and worship that the Father had. Again these claims only a mad man can make unless he is telling the truth. Furthermore Jesus closest friends and companions, people who had walked and ate with Jesus. Pious monotheistic jews that were so convinced Jesus is God Almighty in human form that they now incorporated his name in the Shema the famous Jewish monotheistic creed. Ultimately most of them were killed for believing Jesus is Lord.

After years of intensive research I came to believe that Jesus being a mere prophet simply wasn’t a viable options. The added conviction that I am a rebellious sinner in need of a Saviour brought me to be convicted that I need the Messiah Son of the Living Good.



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